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10 Activities To Do This Valentine's & Galentine's Day (by @looksbylyla)

This blog post comes to you courtesy of guest blogger (and fellow ShopLooker) @looksbylyla.

We are thrilled to feature her content and encourage you to check out her personal blog, which we have linked at the end of the post.


Because of the pandemic, we're all stuck at home this Valentine's day, but it doesn't mean we have to be all gloom and doom on February 14th.

Keep scrolling to see how to have the best self-care Valentine's day and fun COVID-safe things to do on Galentine's Day! ♥

How To Have The Perfect Self-Care Valentine's Day

1. Buy Yourself A Gift

It might be hard to get out to a store this year, but it's a fantastic idea to do some online shopping!

2. Give Yourself A Facial

Even though there's nowhere to go, taking care of your skin is as an important as ever! After all, you never know when you're going to be on a Zoom call.

3. Take A Bubble Bath

No better way to have a self care Valentine's day than to take a relaxing hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and bubbles.

4. Bake Your Favorite Recipe

Whip out the ingredients and treat yourself to your favorite comfort food. Nothing is better than hot, gooey cookies on a cold winter day.

5. Tea And Reading

Set up the perfect cozy space to settle down with a cup of tea and a good book.

A few self-care outfits created by ShopLook users @helinyildiz, @cadence-02 and @looksbylyla


How To Have The Perfect Galentine's Day

Keep scrolling to see 5 FUN activities to do this Galentine's day with your girlfriends in the midst of this pandemic.

1. Masked Hangout

As long as you are wearing masks and practicing social distancing, it should be fine to invite a few friends over. (Depending on your local guidelines and your comfort level, of course!)

Be sure to wear a medical mask or N95 mask for best protection against all types of COVID.

2. Zoom Party

If it's not safe where you live or you're not comfortable with seeing friends in person, a Zoom Galentine's Day Party is a fantastic idea to get together with your best friends.

3. Virtual Karaoke Party

Belt out your favorite songs with your girls by hosting a virtual karaoke party!

4. Organize A Virtual Gift Exchange

As i said earlier, buying yourself a present is nice, but exchanging presents with your besties is also tons of fun! Have them drop of your present at the doorstep and do the same for them. If they live farther away, send them an e-gift card for their favorite online shop. Set up a price range and then open them up on a Zoom meeting.

5. Start a Book Club

A fun more relaxing way to spend time with your besties is to have a book club online! Share your favorite books that you've read and give a basic outline (no spoilers!) and they'll do the same. You might just find a new fave book!

A few of my Galentine's Day looks on ShopLook (@looksbylyla)

Thank you so much, Shoplook, for allowing me to guest blog!

It's a huge honor.



Remember to follow @looksbylyla on ShopLook and check out her personal blog here.


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