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Cute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween 2020 is finally here! Is there anything better than looking cute in your Halloween costume? Doubtful. Even if you plan to stay home this Halloween due to coronavirus safety measures, you should never skip dressing up! If your aim is to look cute as a button - this post is for you!

With a little help from our ShopLook community, we've compiled a list of our favorite cute and effortless women's costume ideas. All of these ideas are completely do-it-yourself friendly! Many can be put together from items you already have in your closet.

Looking for more? Check out hundreds of ideas from our user community here. And if you are looking to plan your perfect Halloween costume, be sure to use our outfit maker to design and plan your own Halloween costume.



VSCO girl was a hot trend last summer yet short lasted. We think it makes for a perfect cute parity costume this Halloween! Here is a VSCO girl starter pack to give you inspiration for this look!


We love everything about this theme. Whether you are going with a classic Cowgirl look, Space Cowgirl Costume, or drug store cowgirl, we got you covered. See all Cowgirl outfit ideas here.

Modern Stylish Jasmine Costume

Cave Cuties

Winnie the Pooh

Mermaid or Mermaid Unicorn

Velma & Daphne from Scooby-Doo

20's Flapper in Great Gatsby Style

Betty Boop Halloween

The Bees, the Butterflies, and the Clouds Above Halloween Costume Ideas


Find hundreds of Barbie Halloween costumes ideas here

Mean Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Oh Bambi, you are such a "deer." Costume Ideas

Sheriff Woody from Toy Story Women's Costume Idea

The Farmer and the Scarecrow Women's costume Idea

Celebrate Day of the Dead DIY Halloween Costume

This look will sure to make an impression in your zoom call and is perfect for you work or school from home Halloween

Maryanne from Gilligan's Island: the Original Cute Castaway Country Girl


Find more Halloween costume ideas for 2020 or create your own on ShopLook!


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