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Featured user: @amaryllis

This week we’re excited to tell you more about our featured user @amaryllis. In real life she goes by Madlena, and she is a doctor working on the front lines of the COVID pandemic in Romania. Specifically, she is an anesthesiologist in the ICU of a large hospital in Bucharest.

COVID has made her job particularly stressful, but helping people is what motivated her to go into medicine. She loves what she does and never considered a different career path. She’s exactly where she wants to be, and right now she is where the world needs her to be as a committed doctor in the midst of a pandemic.

If you follow her designs, it might be hard to believe that she doesn’t work in a design-related field. However, she is another example of the wide range of talents that exist within our user community.

Check out some of our favorite @amaryllis sets and read her full Q&A below.


Favorite style decade?

It would have to be the 60'! It was a revolutionary decade in fashion, starting from mini skirts to outlandish prints and bold colours.

When you start a ShopLook design, where do you begin? What is the first thing on your canvas?

I usually start with a picture (Pinterest is a gold mine) and I build everything else from there.

How do you decide what to wear each day?

I usually pick a bag first, then choose everything else based on it.

If you had to choose one thing to wear with every outfit for a week, what would it be?

A statement bracelet. It's a way to brighten up and add a touch of individuality to every outfit!

What is something that you would never wear?

I'd never wear plastic, transparent heels. They look so uncomfortable!

What is something that you (almost) always include in your designs?

The drop shadow frame. It used to be a favourite of mine on Polyvore, the starting point of every set and I'm glad I could find it here.

What advice do you have for other looking to improve their creative process?

First of all, be yourself, have faith in your abilities and don't try to be like someone else, no matter how great you think they are. Second of all, try to bring something unique to the world and don't worry so much about what others might think. The best thing about Shoplook is that you can create outfits or put together colour combinations you might never have the courage to wear in real life, or layouts that you might never find in any magazine. 

Fun fact that people might not know about you?

I love rock, so I regularly find myself belting out hard rock, metal tunes. My friends don't know this, but I bet my neighbours do by now.

If you had to choose one album to listen to for an entire week, what would it be?

It would have to be Foreigner's 4.

Are there any trends that you tried once but now make you cringe?

Sky high hidden platform heels. I'm pretty sure I'll never get them out again!

What do you do for a living?

I'm a doctor. I'm as far away from fashion as one could be! :)

What brought you to ShopLook and what keeps bringing you back?

When Polyvore shut down, I immediately started searching other platforms, creating multiple accounts on many fashion sites, but not one came close to what Shoplook had to offer, even in the early stages of development. Looking back, I'm thrilled to witness the success it has had so far, the way this community has grown and I can't wait to see more features and ideas!

How long have you been creating sets?

I've been creating sets for almost a decade now, first on Polyvore, then here on Shoplook. I've loved fashion since before I can remember and I'm glad I had the chance to find this amazing community!

Make sure to follow @amaryllis if you don’t already, and come back next week to learn more about another one our incredible users!


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