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Featured user: @carolsposito

This week’s featured user is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. You know her as @carolsposito on ShopLook, but in real life her friends call her Carol.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that her artistic flair is her only talent, because this girl has some serious smarts to go along with it. She is studying to be a doctor - a pediatric oncologist to be exact. (Wow, right?!) Good news if you enjoy her ShopLook feed, because she also has an Instagram account that is just as lovely. (You’ll find the link at the bottom of the post.)


@carolsposito gave us a few of her favorite designs from her feed, and we’ve included those along with our favorites below. Keep scrolling to learn more about this talented ShopLooker!


How do you start a new design? What goes onto the blank canvas first?

I always start with a scenario I want to be a part of, and then I try to choose the best outfit for it, that's why I come up with some weird titles sometimes!

Describe your style in three words:

Elegant, basic, neutral

Something you would never wear:

Bucket hats, but it's not that I hate them, they just don't look good on me!

Something you wish you could wear but haven’t?

Wide leg trousers, I think they make me look even shorter

Something that you (almost) always include in your sets?

Lipstick and mascara

Any fellow ShopLookers that love to follow or be inspired by?

@abbymae is my FAVORITE, all of her sets as incredible. She's amazing, I feel flattered every time she likes one of mine hahaha.

Advice for others looking to improve their creative process?

It doesn't matter if you're following some trend or something like that, always try to do something that makes your creations look yours !

What is your phone wallpaper currently?

It's a watercolor image with some leaves, it looks very tropical and goes really well with my phone case

Fun fact about you?

I love folding clothes hahaha

An album you would listen to on repeat for a whole week?

That's kinda tough, but currently I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift, so I think I would pick folklore

Something you purchased recently that you absolutely love?

I bought the cutest blouse at a thrift store, the fabric is amazing, and can't wait to wear it

Any former fashion trends you once wore but now make you cringe?

Low rise jeans ! I definitely don't want them back hahah

What is your dream job?

Become an oncologist to work with kids

What is your current job/area of study?

I’m studying to become a doctor!

How long have you been creating outfit sets?

I've been creating sets since 2009, I think ! I used to create a bunch of Jonas Brothers sets on my old Polyvore account.


Go follow @carolsposito on ShopLook if you haven't already and check her out on Instagram as well.

Who will be the next featured user? Come back next week to find out!


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