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Featured user: @cgoehring78

This week we’re featuring @cgoehring78, better known as Cindy in real life.

She worked as an Executive Assistant for her entire career and now lives the retired life in Denver, CO. The ShopLook community has reaped the benefits of all that extra time however, because it has allowed her the opportunity to create fantastic designs that we all get to enjoy.

Check out our favorite @cgoehring78 designs and read her full Q&A below.


Favorite fashion decade?

The 60’s for sure! I love tie dye and Boho and since I grew up in the 60’s, I have a strong connection to the styles.

When creating a new design, where do you start? What is the first thing on your canvas?

I like to start with a standout piece of clothing that reflects the challenge theme or just catches my eye.

Describe your style in three words:

Conservative, casual, contemporary. 

How do you decide what to wear each day?

I’m retired, so it’s mostly leggings and t-shirts!

Tell us about one of your style icons:

Kate Spade - her clothing and accessories are classy without being pushy and I think she had a great sense of how to create fashion that complements any style.

If you had to choose one thing to wear with every outfit for a week, what would it be?

Leggings! Since I’m a casual dresser, they can be matched with pretty much everything I wear.

What is something you wish you could wear but never get the chance to?

Fancy jackets! Well, I can’t afford them!

When you design an outfit, do you have yourself in mind or somebody else?

I don’t really have anyone in mind when I create. I’m moved by colors and textures, shapes and patterns, symmetry and asymmetry!

What is something that you (almost) always include in your sets?

A bag and accessories.

Are there any other ShopLook users that have inspired your work?

I have so many I can’t pick just a few! I’m inspired by anyone who breaks the mold and shows thoughtfulness in their designs.

What advice would you give to someone looking to improve their creative process?

Try different styles, layouts and clothing types. Be bold and express your creativity!

What is your current iPhone wallpaper?

My dog, Mimi is on my Home Screen; a picture of my mom on the train on her way to the cargo ship my parents took to America is on my Lock Screen.

Give us a fun fact that others may not know about you:

I’m a first generation American and I adore pet rats and dogs!

If you had to choose one album to listen to for a whole week, what would it be?

Jesus Christ Superstar

What is something that you recently purchased and absolutely love?

I didn’t purchase it, it was a gift, but my Tory Burch purse is it!

Are there any trends that you once tried but now make you cringe?

Anything from the 80’s!

What is your dream job?

Wildlife Biologist

What brought you to ShopLook and what keeps bringing you back?

When Polyvore disappeared I searched for a replacement that I could have fun with but wasn’t so complicated that I couldn’t figure it out! I tried several, but when ShopLook ensured me they would  save my Polyvore sets, I jumped in. I keep coming back because Laya and the developers and staff work so hard to make upgrades that just keep getting better and better. They always address my concerns and I enjoy working with them tremendously.

How long have you been creating sets?

I started with Polyvore too many years ago to remember and I’ve enjoyed being a part of ShopLook from early on. A friend of mine got me interested in Polyvore!

Be sure to check out Cindy’s feed to see more of her fantastic designs, and come back next week to learn about another one of our amazing users!


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