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Featured User: @Cjstylez91

Our new featured user this week is @Cjstylez91, and she hails from Scotland. In real-life she goes by Caitlin and makes a living as a Spiritualist, which also happens to be her dream job. Her feed is filled with variety and amazing mood boards. Every design reflects new and fresh inspiration when compared to her last. You will never get bored with the new outfits that she publishes.

As usual, we have our favorite @Cjstylez91 picks below along with her full Q&A.


Favorite fashion decade?

It’s the Victorian era and also the 90s when I was born so mix of both

How do you begin a new set design?

I think first then I play around and see what goes with the look I want to create

Describe your style:

Am classy sporty glam chic and I can also be a mix of everything one day rocky next day sporty depends on how am feeling

Fashion icons:

Farrah Fawcett and Jennifer Anniston the list could be endless also my gran the style icon that she is to me

Something you could wear with everything for a week straight:

My Louis Vuitton bag 💼 it’s a must

What is something that you would never wear?

Am quite bold with my style so there’s nothing really a wouldn’t try x

Anything you wish you could wear but haven’t?

My Versace black dress as there’s not been a time to wear it x

Something you (almost) always include in your sets?

Lips and nails x

Do you have any fellow ShopLookers that you love to follow or that inspire you?

Yes I love all my followers far too many to mention and would hate to miss anybody out but they will all know who they are and they are inspiring and true and kind. Best online fam anybody could have so thanks ShopLook for an amazing site which I adore x

Any advice for others looking to improve their creative process?

Just be yourself and create what you feel is beautiful to you and that will shine through let your imagination and thoughts and emotions run wild x

What is your current iPhone wallpaper?

It’s a picture of me and my dogs x ie my best friends lol x

Something that others might not know about you?

That I am good at reading tarot cards and dream analysis x

Album you could listen to on repeat for a week:

Selena Gomez rare album, I would never get bored of that x

Recent purchases that you absolutely love?

A pair of pjs that say dogs for life and has my dogs picture on it which I got made x

Do you have other social media feeds that we can follow to check out more of your style?

@Cj_stylez91 on insta x

Any trends you once tried but now make you cringe?

Yes the pony tail with the two little strands at the front so ridiculous and also the over plucking of the brows x

What is your real-life job?

A spiritualist x

When did you start creating outfits on ShopLook?

2 and a half years but my love first came when I used to design clothes for my barbies as a child then I had Polyvore for some years and before that and now a do cut outs for my own magazine a make which is personal for me but this is where my heart is and where I can create with my hearts desires x

Any nicknames?

Quite embarrassing but katieloo - my gran gave me it as a child x

What do all the best sets on ShopLook have in common?

I think of the theme x

Make sure to follow @Cjstylez91 if you don't already, and get ready for a new featured user next week!


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