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Featured user: @leahwithlove

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You know her as @leahwithlove (but you can just call her Leah) and she is our featured user this week from Canada. She may only be 16, but she has already cultivated a sense of style that is divine.

Check out our favorite @leahwithlove sets, along with her full Q&A below!


Give us a fun fact that people might not know about you.

I have been doing taekwondo since I was 4 years old! Taekwondo is my favourite sport and pastime (after ShopLook, of course!)

What is your dream job?

Pediatrician! Something else about me is that I LOVE working with children!

Describe your sense of style in just three words.

Soft, Urban, Feminine!

If you had to choose one thing to wear with every outfit for an entire month, what would it be and why?

Palazzo pants!!! I think they are SO underrated and are perfect for any occasion, from everyday street looks to a stylish night out!

What is something that you (almost) always include in your sets?

Accessories!! Bags, hats, jewelry, belts... all of it! I think accessories can make or break an outfit and really show the vibe of it!

For others looking to improve their creative process, what is your best piece of advice?

Be yourself! - Everyone else is already taken :) - Originality is KEY to an inspiring outfit.


Be sure to follow @leahwithlove on ShopLook, and come back next week to meet another stylish featured user!


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