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Featured user: @littleflowerchild

Littleflowerchild on ShopLook

Our featured user this week hails from Florida, and offline she goes by Autumn. She is better known as @littleflowerchild to her fellow ShopLookers and her consistent design elements make her work easy to spot.

Her followers are surely familiar with the circular color palettes that she includes in every set, and they have become her signature — something that she talks about in the Q&A.


Read the full Q&A and check out a few of our favorite @littleflowerchild outfits below.


How long have you been creating outfits or designing sets? What inspired you to get started?

I was actually originally on Polyvore in 2016-2017ish I think, but after it got shut down I didn't make sets until I found ShopLook at the beginning of summer of this year. When I first started I made sets for characters in the stories I wrote, but now I make them to express myself and showcase my style in a way that I can't always do at home.

If you had to choose only one album to listen to on repeat for a full week, what would it be?

What I listen to changes quite literally on a weekly basis but as of right now I would say Mt. Joy by Mt. Joy.

What is your dream job?

An author. I love writing and to do it for a living, with people actually reading and enjoying my work would be a dream come true.

Describe your sense of style in just three words.

Light, Boho, Comfy

If you had to choose one thing to wear with every outfit for an entire month, what would it be and why?

Either Birks (Birkenstocks) or my many bracelets. I basically already wear both of those things everyday, if I'm going somewhere, so I would totally weard them everyday with every outfit. They're not that hard of things to style, in fact most of my sets include both of those things.

Tell us about something you recently purchased and absolutely LOVE.

I didn't purchase it recently, but I DIYed a pair of jeans by cutting up holes in them for my Halloween costume, and now I'm in love with them by themselves and have worn them multiple times since then.

When you start creating a new set, where do you begin? Or, what's the first thing you place on that blank canvas?

It depends on the situation, or rather what I'm making the set for, but it usually will be a main piece of clothing, something that I base the rest of the set around. It could be a yellow sweater or a colorful pair of shoes, something that represents what I want the rest of the set to be like.

What is something that you (almost) always include in your sets?

Something I always include in all of my sets is my three circles that represent the three main colors of the set. I feel like they've almost become my signature on my sets.

Do you have any favorite ShopLook users that you love to follow, or that inspire your creativity? Tell us about them!

Oh so many, @we_girl is one, I love her creativity and her style, she really manages to make every set look great. Another couple would probably be @ampersands-1 and @abbymae

Head over to Instagram to see more of Autumn’s real-world style @_littleflowerchild_ and come back here next week to learn more about one of our incredible users!


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