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Featured user: @LUANAVII

This week we are featuring Italian ShopLook user @LUANAVII - also known as Luana in her daily life. She is an example of someone that stays true to the outfit in her designs, with simple sets that feature not-so-simple pieces. It would be our dream to have her on-trend feed magically appear in our closet! Some of you may know her by her Instagram account @howtostylebylulu. She is a true example of how to inspire through virtual styling on both ShopLook and Instagram. She has a bright future in personal styling and we are 100% behind her!

Featured user @luanavii on

We’ve selected a few of our favorite @LUANAVII sets and added them below + her full Q&A. 


When you start a new design, where do you begin? What is the first thing on your canvas?

I usually start from one item of clothing that got my attention and inspired me. It can be anything, from a pair of shoes, to a necklace.

Describe your style in three words:

Minimal, edgy, and trend driven

What is something that you would never wear?

Flesh-colored/nude tights!!! They're just not flattering

When you create a set do you have yourself in mind or someone else?

My dream is to be a Personal Stylist, so when creating a set I always have my "dream client" in mind. I always try to scout new trends (online, social media, streetstyle) and then creating a look that is trendy but also very wearable.

What is something that you (almost) always include in your sets?

Designer bags. Because they're one of the few things worth spending for. A beautiful bag can elevate any look. 

Tell us a fun fact that others may not know about you?

I'm a meme expert and I have a great sense of humor :D

If you had to choose one album to listen to for an entire week what would it be?

Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa (already been on repeat for weeks now)

What is something that you have purchased recently and absolutely love?

A black knitted corset from Zara, that I cannot wait to wear (and style on ShopLook)!!

If someone wanted to see more of your amazing style, is there a social profile or website where they could check it out?

Yes! My Instagram Profile - @howtostylebylulu where I share my looks and so much more about fashion!

What is your dream job?

Personal Stylist/Celebrity Stylist

What brought you to ShopLook and what keeps bringing you back?

I needed a tool to express my creativity and ShopLook is the absolute best.

How long have you been designing sets?

I think it's been a year now on ShopLook. Before that I used to create sets on Polyvore.


Check out Luana’s ShopLook feed or Instagram profile for more of her designs, and come back next week to meet another featured user!

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