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Featured user: @matildiwinky

Our featured user this week is Laura from Italy, although you might know her as @matildiwinky. She was a 90’s kid, and thanks to the answers from her Q&A, I now have an endless loop of the Spice Girls playing in my head. 😁

Girl power!

Read her full Q&A and check out some of our favorite @matildiwinky sets below.


Favorite fashion decade?

90s (it couldn't be anything else as I'm a '90s kid).

When creating a set where do you start? What is the first item on your canvas?

A frame, it gives me an idea of the space to be utilized.

Describe your style using three words:

Up-to-date, seasonal, and free.

How do you decide what to wear each day?

It depends on the occasion and season, usually more structured and neutral tone for the office, colorful and comfy when I am out; in any case something that makes me truly feel like myself.

Tell us about one of your fashion icons:

Just one? There are so many... one above all Dua Lipa. I truly love her style.

If you had to choose one thing to wear with every outfit for a week, what would it be?

A necklace with my name; details can make a whole difference.

What is something that you would never wear?

Never say never in fashion because I said never to many things only for ending up actually loving them, but if I have to choose one thing right now I would say shoes like Birkenstocks.

What is something that you wish you could wear but never have the chance to?

Cut-out dresses, they are non-ordinary and sexy, but I think they can be worn just on a red carpet and a few more events.

When you create a set do you have yourself or somebody else in mind?

I have either myself or a friend of mine, and I take inspiration from my experiences.

What is something that you (almost) always have in your sets?

Frames, articles or quotes, and a picture.

Are there any other ShopLook users that have inspired your creativity?

@looksbylyla: I always like her sets before knowing they are hers, she puts her soul into it and gives me a vibe about the contest's theme; and @tatjana because I love her clear yet amazing style.

What advice do you have for other users looking to improve their creative process?

Create, create, create! Learning by doing and experiencing are the best to improve the creative process.

What is the current wallpaper on your mobile phone?

A picture of me and my beloved uncle who is not more on this Earth, who I loved much and who taught me to color outside the lines.

What is a fun fact that others might not know about you?

I used to smell my pillow before getting up because I like the vague scent of my perfume I leave on it while sleeping.

If you had to choose one album to listen to for a week, what would it be?

Spice from Spice Girls (as said, I'm a '90s kid).

What is something that you purchased recently and absolutely love?

A pair of studded espadrilles. I absolutely love the feeling of wearing them even on normal days

Where can people follow you outside of ShopLook?

I am Matildiwinky on Pinterest and Laura_Remedi on instagram.

What is something that you once wore but now cringe over?

Very low waist jeans, I loved them when I was a teen, but now they seem so out of style and shortening my legs to their minimum possible 

What is your dream job?

Marketing Manager for a shoe brand or for a beauty brand.

What is your real-life job?

I am Private Label Manager for a pharmaceutical company.

What brought you to ShopLook and what keeps bringing you back?

ShopLook is an incredible community that connects people and it provides a lot of tools that allow us to express our creativity, with it you can truly be yourself and cultivate your own definition of art. 

How long have you been creating sets?

Almost 10 years now. I started with other applications and then landed on as it is the most complete site to create wonderful designs.

If you aren’t already following Laura on ShopLook, be sure to check out her feed @matildiwinky for more examples of her creative work. You can also follow her on social media.


Come back to the blog next week to learn more about another of our amazing users!


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