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Featured user: @montsegallardo

his week our featured user is Motse Gallardo (@montsegallardo) who was born in Madrid, Spain and now lives in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Her sets are always among my favorites when scrolling through my ShopLook feed because I love their editorial feel and the fun themes that she uses for each outfit.

She began creating on Polyvore in 2014 after a friend recommended it and she was instantly hooked. The disappearance of Polyvore left a void (just as it did for many of us) and she was thrilled to discover ShopLook in June of 2020.

Keep scrolling for her favorite outfits, full Q&A and some awesome ShopLook user shoutouts!


Favorite fashion decade?

In fashion (not for me) I love the lines and structures of forties and fifties fashion and home design.

When you start a design from a blank canvas, where do you start?

It depends. Most of the time I start with a picture, but usually that image disappears during the process, cause I don't have a clear idea when I start creating, but a vague idea what I want to achieve, and search, change, restart... and when I'm satisfied, I stop (or not...). If I'm entering a challenge, it may be different if there's a central piece for the challenge, and then that's the first item that I place. ShopLook is for me a relaxing space, so I use it without much rules; it's me 'zen' time, so what has to come, comes.

Your style in three words:

Casual, colorful, elegant

Tell us about your style icons:

I usually do my thing, and don't follow other people. But I do like to see elegant, striking women, who take risks with colors and shapes. I prefer real women than celebrities, professionals who show their style in their day to day, more than at special events. In Spain, I like Carmen Calvo's style (she's the current Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Cortes and Equality, in Spain's Government). And talking about those amazing clothes that I'd never wear, I love, love, love the style of Beth Harmon in The Queen's Gambit; and Katharine Hepburn's one, especially when she wore palazzos.

If you had to choose one piece to wear with everything for a month it would be:

My classic denim jacket (in fact, sometimes I wear it day by day...)

Something you would never wear?

Any real fur piece. Panty girdle.

Something you would like to wear but don’t?

High heels; I adore them but my broken meniscus prevents me from wearing them. And, when I get rich (sometimes, I hope) I'll wish, a 1947 Samurai bag by Dior; green or purple.

What is something that you (almost) always include in your sets?

I have changed my creations from what I used to do in Polyvore; now they are simpler (not all of them), but I think that my "special touch" are bags. I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect bag for the outfit. Probably is my favorite item (in my 'real' life too)

Any fellow ShopLookers that inspire you?

Sure, ShopLook is full of talented people. I remember my first followings were @looksbylyla (I love the freshness and joy of her sets, and she's very kind) and @ampersands-1 (I miss her, she's really talented and has an amazing sense of fashion, very elegant).

And love too @abbymae, how she uses the colors in her sets; @cgoering78 (love her challenges!); @Avintagemystery, her dolls are absolutely amazing, I'm in love with them; @alldressedupbutnowheretogo, her sets are so neat and clean, it's very relaxing to me to watch her creations; @sadcherrysoda (other of my first followings), specially her last sets, inspired on different characters.

And much, much more: @Engi, @Pattimayo, @Kitkat12, @Natik-more, @Pausecoffeebar, @veramal @We-girl, @Loxley, @Debbiecastle... I feel guilty for not naming everyone, cause all of them deserve to be followed and recognized.

Any advice for others looking to improve their creative process?

Well reading my previous answer, I'm afraid I'm not going to be very helpful, cause how you explain the 'soul'? I think the secret is to be yourself, create following your feelings, your preferences; expressing who you are with your art; not worrying about what others do or what gets the most likes. This is not a competition or an exhibition, this is the opportunity to show yourself to others through your creations. Being honest; and that's key to having 'soul', I think, show your truth, even if this truth doesn't win challenges, or gets likes or followers. Although, I am convinced that being honest in our creations is what makes others appreciate and value them.

Which designs are your favorite?

That's a problem - all of them are like my sons, so I love them all! LOL But I really prefer those that talk about me or my life...


For example, my love for reading and books


or my job


or my own style


And I love creating sometimes sets with the same outfit, in two (or three) versions; different prizes, or occasions...


And I have a special affection with these sets:

What is your current iPhone wallpaper?

I used to change it depending on the season or my feelings. Now I have one named 'Splash Watercolor', with pastel color spots. It transmits joy and peace to me at the same time.

Album that you could listen to on repeat for a week?

English album: A kind of magic, by Queen.

Spanish album: Mujeres de carne y verso, de Juan Valderrama (Women of verse and blood)

Something that you have bought recently and absolutely love?

Two things. A draped dress (it's my first dress in years, cause I don't feel really comfy with dresses, I prefer pants and jeans; but I challenged myself, bought it... and I am delighted with it now!). And a polka dot blouse that I was looking for it for two years and finally found yesterday.

Any trends you once wore but now make you cringe?

There are a lot of decisions I wouldn't make again (white socks with heels, for example), but, we must watch our past with humour; no regrets or excuses ;)

Dream job?

My real job. I don't wanna be another thing than a teacher (well, yes; a retired person LOL)

Real-life job?

I'm a teacher. I teach Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education in La Laguna University .

What do all great sets on ShopLook have in common?

I love those sets that express who is their creator; in which you see the person behind. Sets that have 'soul', and you feel it. I can't explain it, but there are sets that transmit something special, and you're touched by them. Maybe they're not 'perfect' or not in fashion, may be very simple or full of items, but they have something different, and you got it.


Besides following her ShopLook feed, you can also find Montse on Instagram where she shares photos of her hobbies, steps, life, and the occasional selfie.


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