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Featured User: Natik-more

When I first started ShopLook, I could not have predicted how much my life would change. Building ShopLook has been incredibly challenging. That part is not a surprise. What has gotten me through it, however, are the incredibly smart, kind and talented users I have met.

As ShopLook grows, the value of each and every user does not diminish. Each and every one of our users matter, greatly. It is the reason our team and I work so hard each day. Our dream is for everyone who uses ShopLook to feel part of a community. That is why we are starting this series to feature our users- with the goal of helping get to know each other and build an even stronger community.


This week, I am excited to share more about our dear user, Nataly.

Nataly joined ShopLook in July of this year. And in a short amount of time, she has climbed up the ranks to being one of our top users. Her talent is undeniable.

My favorite thing about her outfit designs is that they are truly practical. Not only do they look good on the screen but they also translate well to real life. Her simple and practical design focused on wearability have become trendsetters and have made her a true trendsetter on ShopLook with over 1,500 followers and 30,000 likes in just a few months.


Where are you from?

Odessa, Ukraine

Why do you create outfits?

I enjoy creating as a way to rest in breaks from my main work.

What is your process for finding inspiration when you create?

I browse online shops for clothes and when I find something I like, I make an outfit with it. I try not to just make a nice design, but also one that can be worn in real and not look silly or ridiculous. I really like clean sets, without a lot of extra details and texts, but there are a lot of talented girls on the site who make very beautiful sets with many details.

What tips do you have for others who are looking to get better in their creative process?

My advice is to learn to combine shades, textures and volumes in a way that is appealing. I often see other create outfits that are not practical For example, an outfit that takes a coat with narrow sleeves with a sweater that has large sleeves. The picture can be beautiful, but in life it is unrealistic to wear it.

What is your favorite decade of fashion and why?

I like all the decades of fashion and like to watch how it changes and to some extent repeats itself.

What is your favorite trend this fall?

vintage trench coat

What is a recent purchase that you absolutely love and why?

quilted coat from 12STOREEZ. It is very comfortable!! :-)

What is your cellphone wallpaper?

my cat, Misshka! :-)


Here are just some of our favorite outfits


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