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Featured user: @newtmas250

New week, and new featured user! This week it's all about @newtmas250. As always, we've included our favorite picks from her feed + her full Q&A below. Enjoy!


Favorite fashion decade?

I like the early 2000s

When creating a new set, where do you begin?

I always start with a format, then choose a top

Your style in three words:

Classic, punk, and colorful

Style icons?

I personally like Hayley Williams sense of style

Something that you would wear with everything:

High waisted skinny jeans because they’re comfortable and fashionable

Something you wouldn’t wear:

High heels. They’re just so uncomfortable!

Something you wish you could wear:

I wish I could get a pair of Doc Martens

What is almost always in your sets?


Other ShopLook users that inspire you?

The four that come to mind are natik-more, lunas_radish_earrings, aria29, and soraya207. All of them have played such a huge role in the ShopLook community, and have inspired me. Looksbylyla is also one of my favorites and has helped me so much with improving.

Advice for others looking to improve their creative process?

Get out of your comfort zone; try different styles, formats, and pieces

Favorite outfit you have created?

I personally love my fall favorites outfit:

Something others might not know about you?

I really like stingrays and sea creatures

Album you’d listen to exclusively for a week:

Brand new eyes by Paramore

Recent purchase that you absolutely love?

Black ankle boots

Dream job?

I would love to work for the human rights campaign someday

How long have you been creating outfits on ShopLook?

I just started designing this summer, but I’ve always liked creating outfits for characters I create

What makes a great set?

Colors and format

Remember to follow @newtmas250 if you aren't already, and come back next week for a new featured user!


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