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Featured user: @piedraandjesus

This week, meet our featured user Isabel - who you know as @piedraandjesus on ShopLook - and she is from Panama City, Panama. Learn more about her in the full Q&A below and check out a few of our favorites from her feed.


How long have you been creating outfits online?

In 2007 someone told me about a website called Polyvore. I always loved fashion and this was the beginning of my opportunity to create sets. I was very active on the site until it’s closure. I’m happy to be able to find a new place called Shoplook to continue to create sets.

Something that others might not know about you?

I love growing plants in my backyard.

Current iPhone wallpaper?

My current wallpaper is of my family. My husband and my two sons.

Album you play on repeat?

Mercy Me’s album with “I can only imagine”

What is your real life job?

I’m a Paraprofessional .

What is your dream job?

To be a Journalist.

Describe your style in three words:

Casual, Classic , vintage

Favorite fashion decade?

The 60s

Fashion icon?

Vera Wang

Something you could wear with everything for a week?

Jeans, I love Jeans.

Something you once wore but now makes you cringe?

The 90s overalls trend. Can’t believe I ever wore them.

Something you would never wear?

Mini skirt

Something you wish you could wear but haven’t had the chance?

Long dresses , I am short person.

Tell us about something you recently purchased and absolutely LOVE.

Kate Spade Bag

When you start creating a new set, where do you begin? Or, what's the first thing you place on that blank canvas?

I always used a top first.

Something you (almost) always include in your sets?

Shoes and bags

Any favorite sets you’ve created?

It would be really hard for me to just pick one or two sets. I’ve created so many and I spend so much time on them. I love them all for different reasons.

What do all amazing ShopLook sets have in common?

Everybody has a unique style sense. I think that the greatest sets are the ones where the creator allowed their style to shine.

Any advice for those looking to improve their creative process?

My advice is that it takes time to make great sets and that you have to practice a lot and really study the fashions that you like. Sometimes I like to go shopping and see combinations but I may not have thought of them before. Then you have to take all of that practice and allow yourself to be unique and creative. Just don’t give up

Any fellow ShopLookers you want to shout out for inspiring you?

Yes, @pattimayo her style is unique . I love to see her sets.


Make sure to follow Isabel on ShopLook if you don’t already, and check out her Instagram here.


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