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Featured user: @shoaleh-nia

This week our featured user is Shoaleh Niavarani from Iran. You know her on ShopLook as @shoaleh-nia and she started creating outfits on Polyvore almost a decade ago (time flies!)

She has an amazing eye for layouts. When you scroll through her feed it feels like flipping through a magazine.

Check out a selection of our favorite @shoaleh-nia outfits + her full Q&A below.


Favorite fashion decade?

The 60's

When starting with a blank canvas in front of you, what is the first thing that you place when creating an outfit?

It depends, it changes every time

Describe your style in three words:

Elegant, Effortless, Timeless

Who is your fashion icon?

Anna Wintour

What could you wear with everything for an entire week?

A leather jacket because it goes with everything

Something you would never wear?


Something you would like to wear but haven’t?

Mini dresses

Something (almost) always included in your sets?

Flowers and quotes

Fellow ShopLookers that inspire you?

@amaryllis and @ilmatokanovic ......They are so talented love their sets

Advice for others looking to improve their creative process?

Don't be afraid to follow your sense of style

Do you have a favorite outfit that you have created on ShopLook?

I like my classic style sets:

Current wallpaper on your iPhone?

I'm a chocolate addict so of course it's chocolates!

Something most people don’t know about you?

I’m an open book!!

Album you could listen to on repeat for an entire week?

I Am...Sasha Fierce by Beyonce

Something that you bought recently and absolutely love?

A faux fur coat

Something you used to wear but now makes you cringe?

Big shoulder pads!

Dream job?

Fashion Stylist Housewife

What do you think all great outfit sets have in common?

It has to be trendy, effortless and eye catching


Make sure to follow @shoaleh-nia on ShopLook if you don’t already, and check her out on Instagram for more of her fantastic style!


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