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The 7 Biggest Color Trends Of Spring/Summer 2021 (by @looksbylyla)

This blog post comes to you courtesy of guest blogger (and fellow ShopLooker) @looksbylyla.

We are thrilled to feature her content and encourage you to check out her personal blog, which we have linked at the end of the post.


After spending most of 2020 in sweatpants and neutrals, 2021 has some gorgeous color trends you're going to love. From Bubblegum Pink to Amethyst Orchid, this post has a ton of amazing color trends to style this year + ideas for how to wear them.

1. Bubblegum Pink

This color is a very vibrant pink, perfect for warmer months. You can dress it up or dress it down. It is a playful color and gives a cheerful and romantic vibe. Here are some ways to style it:


2. Pastel Lilac

This pastel shade is a lovely soft color for Spring or Summer. If you need a dose of grace or calm creativity in your life, this hue is for you! Take some inspiration from these outfits on how to style this color:


3. Cherry Tomato

This bright color is fantastic for Summer! It pairs well with summer staples like white or navy. It symbolizes health, courage, and love. Check out some ways to wear it:


4. Kelly Green

This intense green color is a great hue to style this Spring. It symbolizes renewal, nature, and energy. Take a look at these sets for some inspiration on how to style it:


5. Sky Blue

This light blue shade is perfect for Spring. It symbolizes freedom, inspiration, and imagination. Take some inspiration from these talented designers:


6. Mint Green

Another pastel shade, and this one is beautiful. It represents healing, growth, and peace. In other words, it's perfect for 2021. Check out how to style it:


7. Amethyst Orchid

This hue is a popular color trend for this Spring. We all know purple is the color of royalty, so try this shade out when you need to feel like a queen. Steal some inspiration on how to wear it from these sets:

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you SO much, ShopLook for allowing me the privilege to write another blog post on this wonderful blog. It was an honor!

Remember to follow @looksbylyla on ShopLook and check out her personal blog here.


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