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VSCO Girl Gift Guide Christmas 2019

Do you have a VSCO girl in your life and are looking to buy them the perfect gift? Look no further. We have used the power of the ShopLook community to put together the ultimate gift guide for a VSCO girl--- put together by actual #VSCOGirls

Full gift guide can be found here

VSCO Girl gift Ideas

Pura Vida Bracelets

You can't go wrong with this as any VSCO girl is sure to love you for it.

Shop for Pura Vida bracelets here


Hydroflask (and stickers)

Shop for best prices here


Cute Shoes (Vans, Converse, Dr. Martens, Uggs or Birkenstocks)

Shop VSCO girl inspired shoes here


Cozy sweaters and sweatshirts

Shop VSCO girl inspired sweaters here


Cute Beanies

The VSCO girl inspired pom beanies this season are sure to be loved by anyone.

Shop VSCO beanies here


Puffer and boyfriend jackets

These are the hottest trend this season and every VSCO girl must have one!

Shop cute jackets from American Eagle here


Scrunchies (as stocking stuffers)

A VSCO girl can never have enough!

Shop for cheap and cute scrunchies here


Must have backpacks

fjllrven Knken is a favorite but there are many more that a VSCO girl is sure to love.

Shop VSCO girl backpacks here


Happy VSCO girl shopping

If you have not had a chance, be sure to check out our ultimate VSCO girl gift collection here that includes these items and much more!

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