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What is VSCO girl, eGirl or Soft Girl?

Tiktok has created these new generational style trends that are very popular with teens.

These trends, especially VSCO Girl, did not catch on on until summer of 2019. And it did not take them long to spread. But we are sure their impact is here to last.

So what are these trends and what styles are they inspired by?

We put together some videos that may help :-)

What is a VSCO girl?

What is an eGirl?

What is a Soft Girl?

What is your teen style personality? Are a VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, or eGirl? Or are you a VSCO e-Girl, A soft e-Girl or another blend of the three?

Take this fun style quiz on ShopLook and we will help you discover your teen style personality.


Here are some of our favorite outfits inspired by these trends made on ShopLook

Make your own using the ShopLook Outfit Maker


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