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What’s the deal with creating challenges?

This is the first blog in our new series about challenge creation. One of the coolest features in ShopLook is the ability to create and participate in user challenges. We’ve always had “official” challenges created by the ShopLook team, but the addition of user-created challenges has tapped into the creative chops of our user community and opened up a fountain of ideas that serve as inspiration for everyone. 

Create style challenges in ShopLook for outfit inspiration

All users can participate and enter challenges, which means that you’ll never run out of ideas again! Besides the inspiration that challenges provide, participation is also a great way to connect with others in the user community.

What is the point of these challenges?

While official challenges offer the chance to add trophies to your profile, participating in challenges is about much more than just winning. Winning can be fun, but the real benefit to participating in challenges is the chance to interact with other users that share similar interests.


Official and user-created challenges provide the opportunity to share and gain new inspiration.


What is the difference between "official" and "user" challenges?

Two to three times a week, the ShopLook team launches official challenges that can be identified by the official flag. Winners of first, second and third place are assigned at the end of each challenge and trophies are added to the winning users' profiles. User-created challenges are exactly that - challenges that were dreamed up and created by your fellow ShopLookers.

Our premium subscribers can not only participate in challenges, but they can also create them! We never cease to be amazed by the ideas that come out of our user community, and we aren’t ashamed to say that a few of the ShopLook official challenges have been inspired by themes we’ve seen in our user-created challenges.


So, why create your own challenges?

  • If you've got great style inspiration - pass it on!

  • Become an style influencer in the ShopLook community

  • Engage with others in the ShopLook community and make some new friends along the way

Premium users can create their own user challenges on ShopLook!

If you are looking for help using the challenge feature on the web and in the app, you can check out the support articles here.

If you’ve been considering a premium subscription, this is an awesome reason to sign up. You’ve got great ideas and we would love to see them as part of our user-created challenges! If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a ShopLook premium subscription, learn more here.


We'll be diving even further into user-created challenges in our next blog. Stay tuned!


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