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Featured user: @into_the_unknown

Sravya from India is our featured user this week, although you may recognize her as @into_the_unknown on ShopLook.

Check out some of her favorite creations and read her full Q&A below.


Favorite fashion decade?

I think it began in the 2000s uptil now. I love the chic sweaters of the 2000s (very underrated)

When creating a new outfit, where do you start?

I start with a frame. Always. You can pick any shape and crop the rest out when you submit the design. It changes the entire look of your designs.

Your style in three words:

Fun, Unique and Fashionable

Fashion icons:

I love Zendaya, if you see my designs you'll see there are many of them inspired by her. I also love Leighton Meester, Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Ariana Grande, Priyanka Chopra and Taylor Swift.

Something you could wear with everything for a week straight?

Jeans. Definitely. Because it's the most comfortable thing to wear for me, it looks good with a bunch of different things, it's practical and lastly, it looks good for almost all occasions. You can't go wrong with jeans.

Something that you would never wear?

I would never wear anything with a zebra pattern or a leopard (and similar species) pattern. Shoes and bags I am fine with, I can design them, but it's just not my style.

Something you would like to wear but haven’t?

Halter necklines, tops and dresses. I love those but I haven't ever worn one, hoping that'll change soon though.

Something you (almost) include in your sets?

At least 2 quotes which suit the design, or headlines when I'm doing a newspaper style design.

Fellow ShopLookers that inspire you?

Apart from the designs that shoplook itself provides (which are amazing by the way), izzy85, abbymae, amaryllis, Pattimayo, Linaski, matilidiwinky, Fashionistajane, Mchelsd29 etc are my favorites. No offence meant to the others. There are many many more to name, but these are few of the designers whose designs have inspired me and I absolutely love. Even looksbylyla. All of them along with many many more have commented on my designs which makes me feel happy and proud. Thanks for all the love!

Any advice for those looking to improve their creative process?

My best advice as I said before is learn from the other designers. Get inspired, and I don't mean copy their designs. Use your own imagination, think of something that will make your jaw drop if you see it. You can always use a few of their elements, their way of presentation. And you can always reach out to different designers and find out how they do things. My style has been getting better as I get inspired by other designers. I always think that if there is something to learn from someone else, there's no harm in doing so.

Current iPhone wallpaper?

I love puppies, and especially golden retrievers, so right now, my phone has a wallpaper of 10 different adorable puppies.

Something that others might know about you?

I am a multi-tasker. People generally see me as a nerd, but I'm not one. I can sing, cook, design clothes, write novels (I have 5 published works of mine right now and there are more to come!) and study.

Album you could listen to on repeat for a month?

Attention- Charlie Puth. He's really underrated.

Something you bought recently and absolutely love?

I recently got a red top which was full-sleeved and it has ruffles on the front diagonally. It looks amazing with skirts, shorts and skirts.

Where else can people find you online?

I have published works of mine on a website called Quotev. I'm giving you the link and I hope you guys read my stories! There are 5 of them here.

Dream job?

A Computer analyst. I have a lot of other interests, along with being a fashion-designer, but that's what I see myself doing in life

Currently studying:

I'm still in school and my favorite subject is math. It's the easiest and most fun subject of all.

How long have you been creating on ShopLook?

I always had an eye for fashion, or at least that's what I was told. I've been designing clothes, matching jewellery, makeup, shoes, bags etc for all ages from the time I was 8-9 but it's only in late September that I started designing designs on Shoplook. I absolutely love doing it and I'm glad to be able to do it because it improves my perspective on what fashion actually means, and that what is amazing for you is not necessarily true for others.

Any nicknames that friends call you?

I am a person who loves giving nicknames to other people, but unfortunately my name is not very easy to make nicknames out of, so I'm usually called Sravs.

What do all great ShopLook designs have in common?

I think it's the fact that each person has their own style. Their own way of presenting it. The outfits are marvelous of course, but it also matters a great deal of how you present it. And a lot of them have done a fabulous job in presenting them.


Be sure to follow @into_the_unknown on ShopLook if you don't already, and check out her published stories here.

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May 19, 2021

I absolutely loved this interview! Your sense of style is amazing (all those who told you so were damn right!)

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