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Featured user: @loxley

Our first featured user of 2021 is @loxley from Key West.

She is originally from Ohio, and out in the real world she goes by Lorianne (or “Lori” if you’re friendly.) I’m a big fan of her ShopLook outfits and love to see them in my feed. She has a knack for finding and including unique pieces in her sets that I have not seen anywhere else, and she never shies away from new themes or challenges when she designs.

She is a self-described open book with a personal style that trends toward boho chic, and in her Q&A she shares some practical design advice for all of the ShopLookers out there.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite @loxley designs and to check out her complete Q&A responses.


Favorite fashion decade?

The seventies is my favorite fashion decade with the flared hip-hugger jeans, stack heels and crop tops. Wish I could still wear that stuff.

When you start creating a new set, where do you begin?

I am attracted to novel pieces, usually a unique pair of shoes or a handbag. That is enough to get me started. I try to create sets that reveal a little bit about myself and the activities and events of life that interest me.

Style icon:

I can’t say that I have a single style icon, but I feel as though Alanis Morissette defines the Boho Chic style I gravitate toward.

Would wear with everything for a week:

I would choose a neutral long cardigan, because it goes with everything and gives comfort—like bringing your favorite blanket everywhere.

Would never wear:

Even though I love them on others, I would never wear a bustier. It looks very uncomfortable.

Wishes she could wear:

I wish I could wear a strapless dress, but I fear the “wardrobe malfunction”.

Something (almost) always included in her sets:

BOOTIES! I love booties—especially the ones that have interesting heels. I really like those with patterns, textures or multiple colors.

Fellow ShopLook users that inspire her:

Design advice for others:

Include basic design concepts in your set. Color, texture, value, line, shape, form, etc. are important in any visual medium. Try to make good use of the picture plane and use balance to direct the eye through the items you’ve chosen. Proportion is very important as well.

Any favorite sets?

I have created over a thousand sets; I would have to look through them to find which is my favorite—probably the one with Watermelon shoes. It can be located in my #workwear collection, “Watermelon Wish List” is the title. (Yes. I had to look.)

Would listen on repeat to:

I would have to choose an acoustic Christmas album called “Midnight Clear”.

Recent fave purchases?

I recently purchased a kimono. It flows so nicely and looks great with jeans.

Cringe-worthy trends?

I do not find any trends cringe-worthy. Fashion is a personality you wear. It tells a story of who you are and what you are experiencing.

Dream job:

I want to be Mrs. Santa Claus when I grow up.

Actual job:

I am a teacher by vocation.

How long have you been designing sets?

I’ve been designing outfits since Summer 2020. My daughter turned me on to this site because she remembered how much I loved Polyvore.

What do great sets have in common?

A great set has a balanced composition and an aesthetically pleasing color palette. It includes every item a person would adorn and/or have on their person before walking out the door. I am attracted to others’ sets that are presented in either a store-window format or creative collage.

Make sure to follow @loxley if you aren't already, and come back next week to meet a new featured user!


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