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Create a Shoppable Christmas Wishlist

Have you been wishing for a single place that you can keep your wishlist? A wishlist that can be organized by category, have the price, and have a direct link to the site that you found the item?

Well, wait no longer as ShopLook is the perfect solution.

Here is how to use ShopLook to create a wishlist or gift guide in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Setup ShopLook

1. Register for ShopLook here (if you are not already a user)

3. You will notice a new icon appears on your browser menu! (look for the ice cream).

Step 2: Browse your favorite websites as you normally and when you see something you love, click the new ShopLook icon in your browser menu

Step 3: Create a collection on ShopLook with the products you have added

Are you looking to create a different gift list for different people? You can easily create collections on ShopLook to group together your wishlist and make it easy for sharing.

2. Click on 'Switch to collection mode` found on the bottom of the canvas

3. Click on 'Images' and 'my images' on the right side of the canvas

4. Start dragging the product images you want to save together.

5. Click 'publish' when done name and describe your collection

You are all done!

Once you save the collection, you can easily copy the link and share it with anyone.

Or you can find your collection anytime by going to your profile page and clicking on the collections tab.


(p.s. Here are advanced tips on how to create great collections and how to edit collections you have already created!)


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