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Featured User Georgia_cushion

How long have you been creating sets? How did you get started and what had you coming back?

I started creating sets in early may. I heard about Polyvore’s demise and searched for something similar as i was desperate to mess around with fashion i can’t afford! I loved the interface and as someone who is not artistic or good with their hands, it was the perfect way for me to channel both my love for clothes and a desire to be creative.

What do you want to get out of creating at Shoplook?

I see it as a way to channel high fashion in everyday life. Using ever-changing trends on a virtual surface is great for indecisive people like me; try before you buy!

What is your process for finding inspiration when you create?

I mainly look at instagram for both celebrity and everyday inspo. I also like to scroll through the newest item additions on shoplook, if i see one i’m particularly in love with i can pair it with other items i have saved before.

What tips do you have for others who are looking to get better in their creative process?

As someone not conventionally creative – i’m awful at art and design – finding ways to channel your creative side is so important, don’t be afraid to try new things to do this; looking to other people on social media platforms is usually the best way to get new ideas to try out. I would say that although it’s great to get inspiration from others, it’s always important retain your own sense of style throughout the changing trends. I would describe my style as minimalist, and i ride that through the waves of changing trends (animal print is currently my unlikely obesssion!)

What is your favorite trend this fall?

Knitwear as scarves for sure!

What is a recent purchase that you absolutely love and why?

A pair of h&m leather chelsea boots, i’ve been looking for the perfect pair for so long!

What fictional world or place would you like to visit?

The star wars universe – i’m a star wars nerd oops

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

Spaghetti, no contest


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