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Featured user: @loveandlove

We’re back this week with a new featured user, and this week we’re excited to introduce you to one of our international users from Croatia.

You might know her as @loveandlove on ShopLook, but in real life you can call her Maja. It goes without saying, but we highly recommend following her so that you can see her fantastic creations in your feed.

You can check out a few of our favorites, along with her full Q&A below.

Which season has the fashion that you love most?


When you start a new design, what is the first thing that usually goes on your canvas?

Outfit pieces which I upload from Net-a-Porter

What word best describes your personal style?


Do you have a style icon?

Victoria Beckham

When you create your sets, do you have yourself in mind? Or, are you styling somebody else?

Myself because I’m using items which I would love to wear.

What is something that you (almost) always include in your sets?


What is your dream job?

Interior designer

Who is your favorite musician/artist?


Are there other ShopLook users that inspire you to create?

Yes - @debbiecastle and @izzy85

Remember to check out more of Maja’s designs on her ShopLook profile @loveandlove, and stop by the blog again next week to learn more about one of our incredible users!


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