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Featured User: @nctc13

This week our featured user is Nelibeth, or @nctc13 as you might know her.

She’s 21 years old, lives in Venezuela, and her ShopLook feed is filled with stylish and wearable outfits. Her style obsession started as a kid and when Polyvore arrived on the scene it gave her a chance to put her creativity out into the world.

Check out her full Q&A below to learn more and see a selection of her favorite designs.


When you start to create a new design, where do you begin?

My key piece. It could be a dress or a bag, even a random piece defined by its color that I will base my set on.

What is something from your closet that goes with everything?

Definitely jeans, it's a very versatile piece.

Something that you would never wear?

Animal prints and Puff Sleeves.

Something you wish you could wear but haven’t?

Coats, I love them very much, but I live in a very warm climate and I am a bit short.

What is something that you (almost) always include in your set designs?

Shoes and bags

Which of your designs are you favorite and why?

I love this one because it has a romantic yet sexy vibe.

This is definitely something I would love to use in a casual workday in Europe.

I made this one thinking about a romantic date night in Greece.

What I love about this one is the perfect balance between colors.

Finally, this one is a cute but trending outfit for a brunch day.

An album that you could listen to on repeat for a week straight?

X (Deluxe Edition) By Ed Sheeran.

Dream job?

I wanna be a fashion consultant.

What is your actual job or field of study?

My real-life job is related to programming and I studied psychology lol.

How long have you been designing sets?

I've been creating outfits since elementary school. I used to draw random scenery and design sets of my best friend and me; that's how it all started. Likewise, in 2016 I found a page called Polyvore, where I had the opportunity to develop my creativity and inspiration until it closed in 2018. On the other hand, I'm not sure what inspired me to start, but maybe I was born with that in my DNA lol.

Do you have a nickname?

My friends and family often call me Neli as a shortened form of my name.

What do all the best set designs on ShopLook have in common?

Cohesion, color balance and originality.


Make sure to follow @nctc13 if you don’t already, and come back next week for a new featured user!


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