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Featured user: @alpha-queen

Meet Olivia from the US, or @alpha-queen as you might know her on ShopLook. This stylish anime fan works hard in real life - she’s in college with two part-time jobs!

Fortunately for us, she still finds time to create on ShopLook. Her designs are filled with wearable pieces that are fun to scroll through and you should definitely be following her.

Read her full Q&A below and check out a few of her feed favorites!


When starting a new design, what is the first thing that you place on the blank canvas?

When designing a new set, I always start by picking one or two items that I have been wanting to use. No matter if it is clothing or a background piece, I create the entire set based off of the story that I think it tells!

Your personal style in three words:

Sweatpants, hoodies, socks.

Something from your closet that you could wear with anything for a week?

My favorite black hoodie, because I already wear it every other day!

Something that you have not worn but would love to?

Definitely pencil skirts.

Something that is (almost) always in your sets?

Recently I have been putting in anime references in most of my sets. Sometimes it is a picture of a character, sometimes it is just the Crunchyroll logo. I like to add in small things that people may recognize from some of my favorite shows.

Tell us about some of your favorite outfit designs:

I started collecting items that I wanted to use to make a set inspired by an apocalypse, and I ended up creating 'Zombie'. I included different objects that I thought the character would use, like throwing knives and rope. I am really proud of the way that it turned out, and I still remember how fun it was to make!

Another set that is one of my favorites is 'Just Tryin Our Best'. I like to think that this set is inside of a high school student's brain; kind of chaotic but also weirdly organized? There is some homework and snacks, and as the title says, students are just trying their best.

What is your current phone wallpaper?

My wallpaper is a yellow background with Megumi from JJK in the corner!

Current job?

I am in college at the moment and have 2 part-time jobs. One is at a candle store and one is at an ice rink.

How long have you been part of the ShopLook community?

I have been designing sets for about 5 or 6 years, but I have been on ShopLook for over 3 years now. I started on Polyvore after my friend introduced it to me, and when it closed down I uploaded my saved sets onto Shoplook and started creating there!

Any nicknames?

There are a lot of nicknames that people have given me including Liv and Livi, but my personal favorite is Spoon, which is an inside joke with my cousins.


Be sure to follow @alpha-queen if you don’t already, and come back next week to learn about another one of our amazing users!


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