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Featured user: gailermels

You likely know her as @gailermels in your ShopLook feed, but in real life this featured user goes by Gail and lives in Nebraska. She’s got fantastic advice for others looking to improve their creative process that you’ll want to check out in her full Q&A below.


When starting a new design, what is the first thing you put on a blank canvas?

It really depends. Sometimes I find a photo that I build around. Sometimes it’s a cool bag. Sometimes other users’ sets inspire me. But, I usually always focus on a single color.

Describe your stye in three words:

Classic, conservative, & color-coordinated

What item from your closet could you wear with anything for a week?

Silver hoop earrings — my go-to accessories!

Something that you would never wear?

Jeans — maybe not NEVER, but I find denim to be uncomfortable & very constricting so I very seldom wear them.

Something you want to wear but haven’t:

Christian Louboutin heels!!!

Something that you (almost) always include in your sets:

Text. I love to find quotes (with my premium subscription) that have to do with the theme.

Any advice for others looking to improve their creative process?

Just spend time scrolling through the creations by other users & be mindful of what you like/don’t like (& what other ShopLook users like/don’t like...) Incorporate what strikes you into your sets & put your own spin on it. The challenges are AWESOME for putting this into practice. Seeing how everyone interprets the same theme in so many different ways is SO fun!

What is your phone wallpaper?

I’ve had the same wallpaper for probably 4 years — a photo my daughter took of her aunt’s day lilies (I love flowers) — but I actually changed it this last weekend! My daughter found an app that customizes the icons to different color schemes, so I gave her free reign to make changes. Now it’s lavender flowers (of course) with soft green icons. It will take some getting used to, though. Now they all look the same & I have to focus on the picture instead of the color!

What is something that others might not know about you?

I have a Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction and taught in grades 1 through 12 for 20 years.

Album you could listen to on repeat for a month?

JJ Gray & Mofro “Country Ghetto”. Love me some swamp rock!

Something that you bought recently and absolutely love:

A graduated silver hoop earring set ( told you they were my go-to). I have 8 ear piercings and LOVE how they look when I wear them from largest to smallest going up.

Anything you once wore but now makes you cringe?

Oh my gosh — YES! Wind suits & stirrup pants (that really shows my age)!

Dream job?

Anything where I can organize ALL day. So satisfying!!

Real-life job?

I’m a branch office administrator for a major financial firm.

How did you find ShopLook and what keeps you in the community?

In 2012 I discovered Polyvore & was an active member of that community. After they went out of business I looked & looked for an alternative site. Then I discovered ShopLook and was SO impressed by the available features, ease of use, and — most importantly — the warm reception by the users and administrators alike! I’ve always enjoyed fashion & designing. ShopLook is my creative outlet!

What do amazings outfits on ShopLook have in common?

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a great set & I appreciate the diversity of styles on ShopLook. For me, however, I tend toward the outfits/sets that have an obvious theme or central idea & the less “clutter” the better.


Make sure to follow @gailermels on ShopLook if you don’t already, and come back next week to learn more about a new featured user.

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