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Featured user: @montenegrina18

Our featured user this week is Milena from Montenegro, or @montenegrina18 as you may know her on ShopLook. She was part of the Polyvore family before joining ShopLook, and she has been creating for around five years. This is also a girl with big dreams. She just graduated and plans to enroll in College of Medicine and become a doctor.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite @montenegrina18 outfits and to read her full Q&A!


Favorite fashion decade?

It is 2010-2020, it has revolutionised fashion in many ways.

When starting with a blank design canvas, what is the first thing that you place?

First I put the frame and then I make outfits based on things that I upload from farfetch or somewhere else so I try to be original with pieces I use.

Your personal style in three words?

Original, modern, sophisticated

Who are your fashion icons?

Blake Lively,Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington

Something that you could wear with every outfit for a week?

It would be some quality watch,glasses or some other piece of accessory.

Something you would never wear?

I would never wear latex, but never say never!

What is something that you would like to wear, but have not had the opportunity?

It does not exist.

Something that you (almost) always include in your sets?

A Rolex watch and Cartier bracelets

Any fellow ShopLookers that inspire you?

@amaryllis @izzy85 @debbiecastle and my role model @natik-more.

Any advice for those looking to improve their creative process?

They need to practise constantly by often creating and working on themselves. Also,they can always ask me for advice,I am here to help them.

Current iPhone wallpaper?

It is a photo with my best friend on our first trip.

Something others may not know about you?

It may sound unrelated,but I want to become a doctor and this year I am enrolling in College of medicine.

Album you could listen to on repeat for a week straight?


Something you bought recently and absolutely love?

It is black Valentino backpack.

Something you once wore but now makes you cringe?

Low rise jeans

Dream job?

Doctor or fashion designer

How long have you been creating outfits online?

I have been creating outfits for 5 years long.I first created them on the polyvore. I have always been someone who loved fashion and it is my hobby besides sports.

What do all great outfits have in common?

In order for an outfit to be great,it should have quality pieces and a good design that will emphasize it even more and attract the attention of the viewer.


Follow @montenegrina18 on ShopLook if you don’t already, and check out her Instagram to see more of her fantastic style.


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