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Featured user: @spiceworld

We’re back again with a new featured user — meet Nicole! She’s also known as @spiceworld to fellow ShopLookers and she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I love her sets because they are the perfect combination of fashion and filler (just check out her ShopLook collections filled with goodies.) She puts together sets that are feminine and fun, and you can read more about what inspires her sense of style in the full Q&A below.


Favorite fashion decade?

I think the ‘80s had some of the best fashion. Goth and Hip-Hop subcultures were starting to establish themselves and their styles, and they definitely have a lot of influence on today’s fashion. I also love how casual and athletic-wear leaned toward fun, bold styles and bright colors.

When you start a new outfit, where do you begin?

There’s usually a top or dress that I save that really stands out to me! I try to put the basics of the outfit together first before adding makeup, accessories and other fillers.

Describe your personal style in three words:

Bold, kitschy and fun!

Tell us about your style icons:

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) has such a great sense of style, and it’s so cool to see how that’s evolved throughout the years! Fran Drescher’s outfits in the ‘90s TV show The Nanny are always amazing. She’s the first person whose style I can really remember admiring. Donna Summer gives me a lot of inspiration too, her styles in the ‘70s and ‘80s were so bold and glamorous.

What is something that you could wear with everything for an entire week?

I have some cute bobby pins with heart-shapes and rhinestones on them, so probably those since they could work with a lot of different outfits.

What is something you would never wear?

Anything mustard-colored. I could never get into that trend.

What is something that you would like to wear but haven’t?

I think those designer corsets with artwork like The Birth of Venus printed/sewed on them are so beautiful, but corsets intimidate me.

Something that you (almost) always include in your outfits?

Lipstick or lipgloss! They can really pull an outfit together.

Are there any fellow ShopLookers that inspire you?

Yes! Riley (@sadcherrysoda) is an absolutely amazing and encouraging friend with a fantastic sense of color and design. I also really love Gwyn’s (@mold) sets. He puts so much detail into them, they’re incredible. @deadcrush and @roseangel have great sets too!

Any advice for others looking to improve their creative process?

I would definitely say that you can get inspiration from just about anything, especially music because that’s so personal to everyone.

Which sets in your feed are your favorite?

I try to incorporate retro vibes into my sets and utilize a lot of colors! I try to steer clear of neutrals, and I think my favorite sets show a lot of the trends I like.

Check out a few of her favorites below:


Current phone wallpaper:

It’s my favorite K-pop group, GOT7! They have so much great music that’s inspired a lot of my recent sets.

What is something that others might not know about you?

I love horror movies! I’m always trying to find good horror movies to watch, although the bad ones can be fun too.

Album you could listen to on repeat for a week?

This is such a tough question because I listen to so much different music. I’d have to say DYE by GOT7.

Something that you bought recently and absolutely love:

I bought a really cute pink AC/DC crop top from Old Navy recently! It’s such a different style from other AC/DC shirts but I absolutely love it.

Anything that you once wore but now make you cringe?

I think bucket hats look good on other people but not on me haha!

What is your dream job?

I’d love to work for a non-profit that helps women!

What is your real-life job?

I work in an office, it’s a public service job that can get pretty busy but I enjoy it. Being able to go home and use ShopLook (or on my phone during my lunch break) to get my mind off of things is really nice.

How long have you been creating outfits and how did you end up on ShopLook?

I’d been on Polyvore since I was 13 or 14, and I’ve been creating outfits on ShopLook for the past two years or so! I think what inspired me to start making sets is I’m not great at drawing or painting or anything like that, but making sets and designing outfits gave me the form of visual expression that I wanted.

What do all the best sets have in common?

I love anything that’s really eye-catching. Even a simple set can stand out if there’s something different about it, although I tend to like a lot of collage-type sets with fun fillers that add to the outfit.

Make sure to follow @spiceworld on ShopLook if you don’t already, and check her out on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Mar 24, 2021

Thank you so much! I love Shoplook and I’m so honored to have been featured💗


Mar 24, 2021

You totally got me when you mentioned Emma Bunton, horror movies and bucket hat!

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